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Oil Field Chemicals

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DEGHEIM offers a line of synthetic base fluids for drilling, water-based mud additives, lubricants, solvents, production chemicals and other specialty niche products for oilfield applications.

Our base fluids and additives have been specifically engineered for your applications and requirements. We welcome the opportunity to work in technical partnership with our customers and to identify and develop optimized products to meet your specific needs.

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The ever-increasing environmental demands of the industry require suppliers to understand and comply with legislation and environmental systems for many specific geographical areas. DEGHEIM is proactive in its continuing development of its product range and ensures it's product meet all existing legislation whether it be US EPA for the US Coast, or the CHARM classification for the UK sector of the North Sea, or through other required approvals in Scandinavia, West Africa, Middle East. This is an effective approach, often in conjunction with our customer and ensures our products meet all necessary industry and regulatory requirements.

Our logistical network is responsive and efficient, offering tailored logistics solutions and non-standard delivery services. DEGHEIM offers effective solutions for demanding drilling and production operations.      

  1. Drilling, workover & completion Fluids
Weight Materials, Inorganic Viscosifires, Organic Viscosifires, Thinners, conducting Agents, Fluid loss control agent, Emulsifiers, Spotting Fluids, Shale Stabilizers, Corrosion Inhibitors, loss control, seepage control chemicals. Oil base Mud System, Non damaging Workover chemicals.
  2. Cement and Cement additives

API well drilling cement, Accelerators, Retarders, Extenders, Fluid loss controlAdditives, Friction Reducers, Formation Control, Strength retrogression Materials, Anti Foams, Thixotropic Cement Additives, Gas control additives.

   3. Stimulation Products

Acids and Acids Systems, Acid Gellants, Acid Corrosion Inhibitor. Acid Retarders, Anti SlugeAgent, Mutual Solvents Biocide. Buffers Clay stabilizer. Diverting Agent. Anti foamers, Oil Gellant Activator.  Oil Gellant Breakers, Oxygen Scavengers, Paraffin Control agent Spacers.

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