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DEGHEIM has built the highest quality oil field service equipment. Its Equipment Company manufactures fracturing equipment, blending units, cement mixing units, acid pumpers, coil tubing support units, and power generation.
With our history of quality products and service,
DEGHEIM has grown to have a large customer base with a wide range of oil field service equipment needs. DEGHEIM strives to grow in the oil and gas services industry and continue to provide quality oil field trucks mounted equipment.

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  1. Cementing Unit
Our product line includes truck-mounted, trailer-mounted, and skid-mounted cementing units with single and twin pump configurations automatic mixing system. Our cementing units are equipped with Caterpillar, Detroit, or Cummins diesel engines and single or twin triplex plunger pumps.
  2. Acidizing Units

Our product line includes state of the art Acidizing Equipment. We provides high horsepower pumpers, along with acid transportation. We offers acidizing units which can be Truck mounted , trailer mounted, body loaded, and tractor mounted with transporting trailer units.

  3. Blending unit  

We provide the most reliable, efficient, and productive blending units in the industry. We offers blending units that meet the tough demands required in oil field applications. With years of oil field experience, we provide a blending package that meets the requirements of all variety of jobs.

  4. Fracturing unit  

Our products focuses on quality, and advanced technology fracturing equipment by carrying a wide variety of fracturing equipment with a focus on the customer's specific needs. We can provide a fracturing pump trailer, truck or skid mounted depending on your specific needs with several different pump configurations such as triplex or quintuplex applications.

World leader in Oil and Natural Gas Service Supplier

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