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DEGHEIM supplies Oil Tools that been engineered with technology that creates more reservoir value by providing cost effective oil tools to global oil & gas industry.

We will always strive to be physically present to analyze & solve your well requirement no matter how complex they are. Our oil tool technology and experienced personal will ensure that you drill, evaluate, complete and produce in a cost effective manner.

  Oil Well Tools  
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  DEGHEIM tools can manufacture drilling & completion tools to satisfy NACE, API & ISO requirements, be it exotic alloy steel, specialized elastomer, premium thread connections or special coatings, we can supply them all.

As your well scenario becomes increasingly more demanding we will gear up accordingly to satisfy your typical requirements, we will work with you to lower cost, reduce HS&E and economic risk.

  • Rock Bites

  • Completion Systems

  • Flow Control Systems

  • Inflatable Packer

  • Cementation Systems

  • Liner Hanger

  • Line Pipe Accessories

  • Casing Scrapper & Packing Milling Tool

  • Bridge Plugs

  • ESP "Y" Tool & Accessories

World leader in Oil and Natural Gas Service Supplier

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